Individual/Group Wellness Programs

Pamper Me Please covers a vast portfolio of wellness programs that delivers highly therapeutic health benefits to individuals and groups.  Our wellness programs our designed to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well being in fulfilling a happier and healthier lifestyle.  The Pamper Me Please Wellness Programs for individuals and groups include:

Fitness & Personal Training

Begin your own customized personal or group fitness training program to better achieve any goals of losing weight, improving your figure/physique, reducing stress, or purely having more energy.  We provide experienced personal trainers that develop highly effective on-site weight training and cardiovascular activities all to be implemented in exciting fitness fashion.

We can integrate within your personal training programs on-going wellness support, healthy/lifestyle tips, & nutritional recommendations as well.

Holistic Nutritional Counseling

This innovative health program adopts an approach which includes not only food but also those elements that deeply nourish our mind, body and soul.  We provide health counselors that  will work with you to help you find a healthy, fulfilling balance in all these areas to thoroughly develop long-term health enhancing lifestyles.

Yoga & Pilates

This is a wonderful wellness practice for increasing flexibility, massaging all organs of the body, stimulating detoxification, and muscle toning.  The powerful harnessing of these meditative and breathing techniques rich in eastern tradition stimulate a remarkable effect of harmonizing the mind with the body and soul to achieve emotional balance and real quantum benefits

Life Coaching/Stress Management

Despite life’s challenges there is a Champion deep down within each and every one of us.  Our life coaching program looks to bring forth the Champion you are and the best ways to fully manifest that Champion by living the life you truly want to live.  We provide life coaches that work with you to clarify your goals, identify the steps you need to take to reach those goals, and monitor your progress all while  creating a supportive environment every step of the way

All are available upon request. Call for pricing.