Corporate Events

Health & Benefits Fairs

Pamper Me Please has a strong specialty in coordinating with Fortune 500 corporations and insurance providers to conduct highly effective Health & Benefits Fairs.  We bring an excitement to your event that will boost participation and increase traffic to your booth/event from your attendees knowing they can get an enjoyable massage or another great spa/wellness service. 

At your Health & Benefits Fair we become your spark plug for entertaining your attendees with a relaxation spa station in addition to being your value-adding company for sharing important health and benefits information for your corporation.  During these events we set up a booth to customarily provide:

Corporate Seated Chair Massages/Reflexology

 (increments of 5,10, or 15 minutes per employee for a full 2-8 hours)

Health & Wellness Information/Services

(topics including nutritional counseling, fitness training, & on-site work wellness tips)

We are also available for many other services and accomodations to best fit your needs. Contact us for pricing and customized packages.